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Coaching a Community of Changemakers

Working with GUMPTION opens you up to new people and new possibilities.


“Julius possesses a unique gift.  Not only does he help you identify where you need to go next, he helps you strategize realistic ways to get there, while simultaneously helping you to assess your own capabilities and strengths.  An hour with Julius enables you to walk away with a new sense of purpose and excitement.  If I'm feeling stuck, or simply frustrated with my work, he's the guy I'd call!”

Linda Adler, CEO of Pathfinder Medical

“Julius is a great listener and has a great way to help you clarify both your personal and professional goals.  I was at a crossroads with my next step in my professional career, and he asked me questions to guide me through the process.  During our conversation, he picked up on key points and reactions I had to help me understand what I wanted in the next steps of my career. Aside from his guidance, he has a way of setting up a tone where I felt I’ve known him all my life, right from the get go of our conversation.  Thank you for helping me at a pivotal moment in my career, Julius.”

Mary Ho, Director of Asian Pacific American Student Services at University of Southern California

"Julius Paras brings an incredibly fresh approach to solve the most difficult of problems.  We all know that without changing the equation, we will always end up with the same results.  However, few can facilitate that change to actually take place and allow for greater, bigger thinking that results in solutions far beyond expectations.  Julius is one of those people."

Tamon Norimoto, Housing and Community Development Advisory Commissioner for City of San Jose
& Government Relations Representative for PG&E

"... Having been tasked with redesigning an organizational retreat, Julius was able to understand what drives our leadership team in ways we hadn't yet been able to articulate.  The result was tremendous clarity around our mission, vision, and organizational ethos.  From this point, the content of the retreat has flowed naturally.

What impressed me most was [Julius'] ability to listen without assuming, latching on to pieces of my story that I might not have considered and highlighted them for me to consider before making any specific suggestions.  The result was meaningful advice which grew (or at least seemed to grow!) from my own foundation.  Sometimes it's hard to take advice from someone who doesn't meet you in your space or if that advice seems formulaic.  To get around the problem of giving formulaic advice you've really got to listen to understand folks.  Julius does this with fantastic skill."

Taylor Downs, CEO of Vera Solutions

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